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Ce site de l'Association Rendez Nous Nos Enfants, qui se bat contre les placements abusifs des enfants par l'ASE donnant des ordres aux juges avec leurs criminels complicités, a pour but : 
- d'informer le grand public sur les souffrances criminelles que NOUS subissons, CONTRE    NOTRE    DROIT, 
- et de soutenir parents et enfants placés, internés abusivement, nos compatriotes, présents et futurs, les amis futurs de vos enfants à vous non victimes,
- dans le but de récupérer nos enfants, 
et de punir les coupables et de changer les lois criminelles. et de FAIRE  APPLIQUER  NOTRE DROIT, les droits de l'HOMME.

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Association Give us back our children :

The associations purpose :

- help parents and children (to inform, to support, to advise)

- inform the general public of the violations of the laws and the rights

- to act against the abusive placements of the ESA of the general advices and the judges

- defend the interests of parents and of children, the human rights, and to act in justice

-obtain the respect of the rights

- to make the laws change

- create lodging houses for young homeless people resulting from the ESA

OPEN     LETTER : The truth :

The article 375 code civil (created in 1958) does not define child abuse, nor the danger, it gives tree domains : Health, security and moral.

These three domains regard all children.

So therefore they have defined all children to be taken in and note only the abused ones.

So on, without defining child abuse, the authors have given the judges the possible to take their children WITHOUT   MOTIVE, against any fundamental notion of the right , legalizing arbitrary power. The judges, guarantor of individual freedom will only be able to act with a motive, with respect of the rights and in the general interest. So taking children without a motive, in directly acted against the individual freedom.

From 1958 to 1983, the placements depended directly from the prefec, which means the state.

Since 1983 (decentralization), the placements, depend on the general advice, which are received from the state, head subventions of placed children : 7500 E/mois (about 20 % of recipes of CG !  (general council = department)

In 2002, by decree (gouvernement. = politics = ancient, future general advisers) the article 1187 Code civil procedure issu this : “ The lawyer ….. can not transmit copies of pieces to his client “.

It’s the only domain and French rights in which the rights of the defence are derides in the texts themselves. Which constitutes a violation very serious of the defence rights,  the parents can not make any couter inquiries, of fake inscription (forgery) and any act in support of their reason.

The judges decisions for children are touching of appeal. But if the court of appeal is favourable for the family, who is the stop presented to ?  Again, to the judge for a child !

Which then can give a new decision. Which constitutes a violation very serious in right to see its affair heard by an uncommitted court. (convention europ droits de l’Homme)

Since 2000, l’IGAS (mr Naves, general inspirational of social business)and the ministry of justice him self (cathala), announced the abusive placements, and in june 2007 reconfirmed to “special sending” FRANCE 2 TV, 50 % of children is unfair !  soit 80 000 children (dailymotion)

L’INSERM estimate that 40 % of young homeless people leave the ESA !!!!! and the report of the national audit office, Octobre 2009, shows thate the general adivisors claim more money from the state evan when they have a little less children ! child traffic, etc …..

So on , 10 000 children are put in to psychiatry, full of medications evan though they want ot live a normal live with their parents. (art 375-9 CODE civil)

Parents that defend their human rights, and the rights of their children are called crazy.

These institutions who announce these things, are they crazy them aswell ?

Them who win their wages by their own falsehoods in writing, never punished nor convicted.

Us we only ask that the application of the French rights, which forbids these facts that aim at destroying our children.

Spite a certain resistance and mobilization, the judges continue, the socials of the general advisors continue,  the politiciens continue too.!!!!!!!!!

In January 2006, the supreme court of appeal that can only break the decisions, were no longer approachable without a laywer ( a lot and hindering our rights 1187 CC)

Without children, the parents lose their social allocation ( APL and family allocation), poor, they can note keep their accommodations evan HLM (social appartement) are left in accommodations too small, the socials and judges say : “your accommodation is too small, we can not give you back your children !!!!”  It is time that things change.

HELP US to obtain the application of human rights for us and our children.

- art 375 CC to change with a definition of the poor treatment and the motives that have to be publicity provided, and the placements have to be exceptional,

- art 1187 CPC obligatory production of all rooms to the parents and to impose the respect for the contradictory,

- obligation of socials of the ESA to fill in a questionnaire pour each and every case, to limit the placements and to do family meetings , etc …..

How  you can help us :

Sign our petition, inform your neighbours about our association, support the parens who are victims, read the decisions giving to us by the French public against their rights and the right way, help them to find a place to live big enough to get their children back, demand respect of our social rights and our courts, simply photocopie and give out these leaflets everywhere you go, help us to create and build homeless shelters for our young homeless people, witness the violations for our rights.

Act   TOGETHER, this is our future.

Thank you

Hélène Lombard, prt RNNE association Rendez Nous Nos Enfants . org


 give this to the journalist in your country to denonce this crimes made in France against the french people



Art 211-1 CP (un seul des éléments suffit)

« Le fait en exécution d'un plan concerté tendant à la destruction totale ou partielle d'un groupe national, ethnique, racial ou religieux, ou d'un groupe déterminé à partir de tout autre critère arbitraire, de commettre ou de faire commettre, à l' encontre de membres de ce groupe l'un des actes suivants :

-        atteinte volontaire à la vie,

-        atteinte grave à l'intégrité physique ou psychique,

-        soumission à des conditions d'existence de nature à entraîner la destruction totale ou partielle du groupe,

-        mesures visant à entraver les naissances,

-        transferts forcés d'enfants,

constitue un génocide. « 

AUCUNE   OPTION    FAVORABLE . Le génocide est donc bien démontré.


S'il vous plaît.